We at HarnessMLM wish to introduce you to our years of Recruiting Experience in The Affiliate/MLM space. Subscribing to our service, our trained professionals will handle your recruiting needs with precision and unmatched skills to recruit business minded and smart partners in your affiliate or MLM network.


    We save you from:

    • Interviewing Prospects
    • Spending a portion of your time each day to get them on board.
    • Giving and askin them feedback

    With HarnessMLM, we make this process smooth and easy.

    Our goal is to connect at least five successful business partners for you which forms the foundation of your affiliate and MLM Network.


    The opportunities in the MLM and Affiliate Industry is mind-blowing. However, we have discovered from our research that many desire to be part of an MLM / Affiliate company to cash in on its financial rewards, the challenge is time and the skill of recruiting. If this sounds like you, don't worry, HarnessMLM got you Covered. Once you engage with our services, we will deliver results within few weeks of subscription to our platform.

  • The Power of 5 Business Partners

    HarnessMLM Business partners number is 5. We believe with 5 Business partners in your network, you hold the key to position your MLM /Affiliate business for duplication. We look out for companies that support at least 5 Business Partners for you to achieve passive residual income.

Sales Team

Harness MLM

HarnessMLm Recruitment Agency is a global brand focused on providing global marketing and affiliate recruitment support services to MLM and Affiliate companies.

We are positioned as the First Pan-African MLM /Affiliate recruitment Agency with integrated Cryptocurrency/blockchain Technology incentives in the recruitment process to be enjoyed by our business executives and potential prospect that use our services.

Gilead Okolonkwo

Endorsed By Amb. DR Gilead Okolonkwo

There is no better time than now to appreciate what HarnessMLM has brought to the MLM/Affiliate marketing Industry. A company that is committed to making prospecting and recruiting faster and easier. A company that seeks to provide a pillar for MLM & Affiliate companies in their recruiting process by listing verified and trusted companies. HarnessMLM will once more make recruiting fun for distributors whose companies are listed, This will bring in Fresh new bees to join MLM and Affiliate programs as they can depend on the service of HarnessMLM to handle their recruiting worries.

New bees can now leverage on HarnessMLM service to join an MLM or Affiliate company that has its program listed with HarnessMLM. Those who can't prospect can now use HarnessMLM as an open service to help them recruit which will make them better recruiters as the positive feedback will make them do more.

HarnessMLM is the one stop solution Every MLM and Affiliate company needs to speed up the power of duplication in their organization which will in turn raise more testimonials of those who have benefited from such companies.

I strongly believe that affiliate and MLM companies should apply for evaluation to be among the listed companies that HaranlessMLM supports- Dr. Gilead Okolonkwo ( Dongilead)


We are positioned as the First Pan-African MLM /Affiliate recruitment Agency with integrated Cryptocurrency/blockchain Technology incentives in the recruitment process to be enjoyed by our business executives and potential prospect that use our services.

Our goal is to make the MLM/Affiliate recruiting process easy and fast. We represent the reference pillar to make recruiting easy for companies that are listed on our clients list. With us as a trust recruitment partner, members of these companies will experience exponential growth in their recruiting as those who desire to be part of MLM can now join and connect with us to handle their recruitment processes for them.

With HarnessMLM, not only are we committed to building the entry foundation of Your MLM/Affiliate business when you subscribe to our service, we are also committed to making you part of the next Global Crypto Token holder ( BMToken) that supports decentralized consumer loyalty reward.

Simple to use

Our cutting edge web application with a Cryptocurrency reward system makes it easier to micromanage our recruitment process. Our platform provides an easy dashboard navigating process and interface to track the progress of our recruiting service.

Interactive dashboard

HarnessMLM interactive dashboard keeps you connected to the recruiting process from prospecting to recruiting clients transfer. We make it possible to engage with our business executives who are dedicated to serving you via our interactive dashboard.

Everyday is a payday

We-List Trusts MLM /Affiliate Companies that support both passive and residual income. We recruit for the best companies that are sustainable and committed to delivering realistic passive and residual reward backed with Customer money protection.

Crypto bonuses

WE SUPPORT DIGITAL CONSUMER LOYALTY IN CRYPTOCURRENCY. THIS MAKES OUR RECRUITING PROCESS UNIQUE as we reward both those who subscribe to our recruiting service, and those who pay through our platform. These two parties enjoy crypto Bonus in BMToken. Our business executive is rewarded in Crypto token ( BMToken)

As a Customer, when you Pay through our portal for any of our listed MLM/affiliate companies, you will be rewarded with a Crypto Incentive in BMToken.


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